Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hooray for summertime!! The last few days have been pretty tough around our household with Jake being sick and then Matt....but I did get out a couple of times with Landry Grace. She has been a trouper and we look forward to taking many trips to the pool with "brudder" and daddy in the future.

Yesterday we went to a water birthday party and today we joined the pool. LG did a great job of entertaining herself, even learning how to get in and out of the baby pool herself. This was huge! She is a poor eater but managed to eat an entire bag of M&Ms and sour punch straws plus a slushee. Hey, you're only a kid once and NO way did I get that when I was her age. We'll pack some snacks next go round....

At Ryleigh's birthday party.

Had to pose before heading into the pool!
She loved Big Mama throwing water on her!
Jumping into the pool. Last year we had her going off the diving board with her life jacket on. No luck this go round but maybe soon.
Looking cool in her shades.
I love the lazy days of summer! We are looking forward to many fun things during the next 2 months. Mainly I look forward to not having to set an alarm clock....except when I am running. So far I have taken a couple of weeks off but who cares! I do need to start soon. Have a wonderful week!!


jessie said...

that yellow swimsuit is popular! i think every little girl i know has it, including olivia! great moms think alike! what pool do y'all go to? thanks for the comment on the bottle issue. i ended up doing it cold turkey this weekend and it's been fine! don't know what i was worried about... i don't think she's taking enough but i'm giving yogurt and cheese all day long to make up for it! she'll get it eventually. i'm just happy to be done with bottles! hope jake and matt feel better!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love her swimsuits! She looks so adorable. Weren't those the days? Not worrying about your figure in a swimsuit. I need to revisit my childhood.