Saturday, May 15, 2010

Variety Post!

We have had several events the past few days and I'm just going to post it all at once. In the previous post I mentioned MDO ending and I wanted to add some pictures of their teachers. I don't know that I have talked about Mrs. Glover on my blog but she was a God-send to us from the very beginning. She is in the yellow shirt and the reason we chose Temple MDO. She is also a nursery worker at First Baptist where we attend. She has been keeping kids for well over 30 years and may have kept you when you were little! Everyone knows "Glover" and I cannot say enough good things about her. But I also must brag on Mrs. Susy...her other teacher. I loved her honesty this year on some "to-dos" and not-to-dos" with LGT. We were so blessed to have found loving hands this year after a rocky start.

Glover and Mrs. Susy with Landry Grace and her "grin"

Landry Grace with Bella Grace, Eli, Maddie, and Gideon(I love that she can name everyone in her class. She talks about them all the time). Do you think she could win some time of award for this smile she has going???

Jake with Mrs. Melanie. What I loved about MDO with Jake is that we really decided last minute on whether or not to put him in this program. We had no expectation other than to be with kids more his age and we thought it would just be easier to have them both at Temple during those 2 days. Our expectations were met and exceeded as he loved every minute of it. He was the youngest in the 3 year old class and really thrived. We have a lot to work on academically but also are fortunate to have 2 more years before kindergarten.
On Friday I happened to have my camera with me at school and took a picture with Sharon and four of my sweet students. Oh how I have some stories to tell! We have such a good time:).

Matt was umpiring a state baseball tournament in Ruston on Friday so Mom and I went out for pizza before heading to the WAC track meet at La Tech. It was a great evening for running until the bottom dropped out of the sky and they had to call the 10,000 meter run off(with 8 of the 25 laps remaining...bummer!!).
This morning we went to a shower for a childhood friend of mine, Anna Mitchell, who is getting married June 5. She is always so sweet and I am looking forward to a fun time at her wedding.

I came home to LGT and Jake having peanut butter sandwiches on Papaw's truck. Really, what could be better???

Tonight we made it back out to the WAC track championships at Tech to watch one of my former athletes, Matt Wolfe, run the 1500meters. I don't miss coaching much but when I make it out to any track meet I reminisce a lot. It is one sport I absolutely LOVE, yet at the same time my priorities are my family so maybe one day when the babies are a little older.....
NOTE: I kindly asked both of my children to put down their chips but was declined. Picking my battles:)

Matt is now a freshman at Tech majoring in civil engineering. I can remember him after his eighth grade year when he was a baby and didn't weigh 90 pounds soaking wet! He went on to win 3 state titles while at Parkway High School and is now running on the college level and actually has had a great year in both cross and track. It's fun to see student athletes excel like he did and is still going strong. I know his parents are so proud.