Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanks Stacey!

Stacey Hess, who became a friend of mine while we were neighbors in Benton, made this frame for me and I thought it turned out great! She does fabulous work and has created quite a business for herself. She can do anything your heart desires...her website is: Please check it out! She is wonderful. Thanks Stacey!!! We took this photo in April and it only took this long to get it framed and put up. We had a family photo with the same photographer in November and I have yet to buy the picture. I need to get on the ball but money doesn't grow on trees.....!!

Thought I would use this opportunity to post some pictures of Christmas day at the Tyler's. The kids had a blast and we still don't have all they toys they received there due to lack of room in the mini van!
As for the pictures below, it may look like I favor Landry, but really she is the only one who will sit still long enough for me to take a picture!!

We brought the tractor over and they had a blast!
And of course she LOVED the box......
Playing with their new Elmo kitchen
Playing on her new rocking horse from Aunt Lou.
Both kids are down for a much needed nap and let me tell you what NOT to do with babies. I got the grand idea to let Jake drive his tractor and push Landry in her ride along toy around the neighborhood. Let me first say that this neighborhood is not too kid friendly as there are a lot of college kids who love in here. So every time a car came around the corner I had to scream for Jake to stop. Then Landry decided that she didn't really want to ride in her toy and would much rather ride on Mommy's hip. And Jake cannot steer his new tractor so every time he would hit the curb(which was A LOT), I would have to bend down to help him steer and Landry would put a death grip on my neck with her nails that are TOO long. The minute I turned to get Landry and her toy I was still dragging along situated, Jake was almost in someones flower beds. So I sat Landry down in the grass, sprinted to get him before he ruined something and brought him back to the street. Then retrieved my daughter, had my foot run over by the tractor, and was sweating in this cold weather. I told Jake it was time to go back to the house and everyone was going to bed. So now I need to finish getting clothes folded and I am not because I am tired. Surely I could have done without the 6 mile run this morning. Chasing the kids is exercise enough, but no need to complain!!

Hope all of you have a great New Year's Eve! People ask if we are doing anything and I tell them that the kids don't know it's New Years and will therefore get up early if we go out. I have no desire to be dog tired all day tomorrow and besides, I am relishing the fact that I don't have a newborn to wake up to on THIS New Years!!!!! TaTa


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I can picture you sprinting around after the tractor, how funny. That frame is beautiful.

P.S. Thanks for all the weight gain encouragement.

Hannah Lee said...

AMEN to sleeping babies! They don't know its New Years! We don't plan on staying up either! Get some shut eye while you can, girlfriend! Love the pics!

Lora said...


adrian seney said...

This mother agrees with you, too. We just stayed at home like it was any other day...although, we did have a small "Seney Only" party as Audrey called it!!

Just say Julie said...

Love that you actually let Landry ride in the back of the tractor. I could just picture Jake taking a corner a little too fast... That's what always happened for us at least! Looks like a fun Christmas, the kids look so excited with everything.

The Tylers said...

Funny you say that because she did get dumped out one time! She just got right back up and went for it again....only a Tyler would do that:)!!!