Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

No posts lately due to nothing going on...I didn't want to bore you! We have had some pretty uneventful days but are now gearing up for Christmas! We are heading to Bossier late this afternoon for Christmas Eve at my in-laws and will come back home tonight to have Christmas morning at our home. Then we will go back to Bossier for lunch tomorrow. My dad is on his way to Atlanta right now to have Christmas with Laura and Cameron. Mom is going to Bossier with us tonight and then will go to Dallas tomorrow to have Christmas with Darrell and Brian.

Since the temperature in LA is 70 degrees, I took their PJ pictures early! Didn't want them to get too hot tonight! Jake will kill me when he is older and sees what he is wearing! Thought they were cute, but a little much for him....

I was holding up a present to get Landry to look at me and guess who started copying me....can't win for trying!
Sweet girl.....and the fence was immediately put back up!

Matt and i are so excited about Christmas tomorrow. Jake has been asking for a tractor and we got him a John Deer Powerwheels toy(have NO idea where we are going to put that thing in this tiny house)and I cannot wait to see his reaction. Who'd have thought I'd be buying a tractor for him but that is what he asked for!
Mom just got here and I am off to buy one more present. Next year I am going to finish EARLY!
Merry Christmas!!


Just say Julie said...

Merry Christmas! I love the PJ pictures. Last year we all bought matching pajama pants for our Christmas card photo...if I could have talked them all into footie pajamas this year I would have! Hope y'all have a wonderful holiday!

Lora said...

Merry Christmas to your sweet family!