Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home At Last!

Well we had a great 3 days in Bossier. I redeemed my gift certificate from LAST Christmas for a facial and pedicure and it was really nice. Got some shopping done and played with the kiddos while Matt and his parents went to the Tech game. Am I the only Tech alum that didn't go to the Independence Bowl?? Just not that interested...fuddy duddy I know. So now we are back in Ruston and working on cleaning our house up from all the Christmas festivities. Matt and I are in the process of really looking at homes(it is just SO tempting and the finance rates are really low). We may hold off until summer and we may not. The economy is just really shaky....so who knows!

We plan on going back over to Bossier on New Years Day to meet my B-I-L's new girlfriend. He hasn't had a significant other since I've known him and he is a really great guy. They met first at Tulane while they were students. She was a volleyball player and Mark played football. He and Elizabeth reconnected at a Tulane Alum event this past fall. It will be a good time I am sure.

Nothing else is going on! My kiddos are both asleep but now I hear Landry so I am off to tackle motherhood once again. Post more when interesting things happen!


Lora said...

We did not go to the game either. Sorry excuse for Alums-I know!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oooh I had my a facial a year and a half ago and it was AMAZING! I want to get another one. Who would think it would feel so good for someone to be rubbing your face?

Hannah Lee said...

The game was freezing and we left at halftime. Nick is an alum and I am almost-- we couldn't finish watching it so don't feel bad! You guys have been busy! Hopefully you'll get a chance to relax!