Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Jake!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet little man. Hard to believe that it has been 2 WHOLE years. What a joy and undescribable blessing he is to us. Jake keeps us on our toes and we never know what will happen next, but we are always up for the adventure. Below are a couple of pictures from each year:
His first Christmas...10 days old and he had been home for 2 days

First birthday...not excited about the cake. Wouldn't touch it!

Our family Christmas card picture from last year:Jake clowning around on Saturday. Need I say more?
Love you sweet Jake!


SND said...

Love you sweet Jake!!!! Love, Big Mama and Big D

Lora said...

I LOVE THE EAR SOCKS! Now that is a "Real Boy" shot! Happy Birthday, Jake!

Tara Smith said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!

Hannah Lee said...

Happy Birthday Jake! I know he will keep yall entertained for years. What sweet memories!