Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 Things I Learned Tonight:

I learned 2 VERY valuable lessons about myself tonight: 1) There is a reason that I am NOT an elementary classroom teacher, and 2) I am becoming the parent I said I never would!
There have been many projects going on in the classrooms that I service. I am in kindergarten and first grade rooms all day long. You can imagine the crafts that I see during the Christmas season. Some of the ornaments being made have been tempting to try myself, but I resisted. Well, today I saw one that I knew I could do myself. The teacher told me what to do and even let me borrow her Santa hat to take the kids' pictures with. SO, I went to pick up Jake and Landry, took pictures of all the kids that stay with Mrs. Dorothy(and got some GREAT shots!). I dropped Landry off with her daddy for a nap and off me and Jake went to Wal-Mart for the supplies. I was doing good until it came time for me to draw a tree. Look folks-what should have been a 20 minute craft project turned into a 2 hour plus UNIT TEST! They look pretty cute in the picture below but I am telling you not to click on the picture to make it bigger(MOM) and see all my mistakes. Just take the picture below at face value and give me the benefit of the doubt PLEASE:)!!!
I never thought I would be one of those moms whose always tries to go above and beyond(and normally I am just too tired to do the extra stuff), but here I am trying to do my best!!! Oh well, I was always taught it was the thought that counts!
And below is a picture of what my children were doing while I was trying to decorate:

The laundry baskets were great amusement for them until Landry insisted on being in the same laundry basket as Jake and he would scream and push her. She thought that was hilarious and kept trying to get in with him. We had to take her away before this stand-off became dangerous on the concrete floors. Always an adventure.

Thought I would add several pictures from our weekend. On Saturday night we had a Christmas party for Matt's district that he works in. Mom and dad kept Landry who was still sick while Jake was in Bossier. Matt has made some really good friends at work and we had a great time that night. Matt's boss, Russ Golden, was a coach and teacher at RHS when I was in high school and his wife, Lori, was my senior English teacher. They are the one of the sweetest couples I know.

Before the party. We don't have too many pictures of us so I just had to post it...sorry!

Lori and Russ

On Sunday afternoon we went to Bossier for a baby shower for our good friends Katye and Ben Hamby. They were one of the first couples we got to know really well after we were married and have had some really fun memories with them. They have an almost 3 year old, Sadie, and are expecting Bennett Ross in about 6 weeks. We are so happy for them and know Sadie will be a great big sister.
Jake and Ben had a great time dancing the afternoon away. Jake is forever a clown and they had the best time playing together. I had to post this for Melody. Her daughter Avery is 9 months old and PRECIOUS!!! Why won't my children smile like this for me? Perhaps if I didn't take so many pictures they would!!!

Ahhh..........and I can finally smell Friday! Have a great rest of the week.


Hannah Lee said...

So cute! Your crafts are adorable! I know those kids will love those precious memories!

Lora said...

SO do you need salt & pepper with all those words you are going to have to eat while traveling down the road of parenthood?

The Tylers said...

HA!! Thanks Mrs. Lora Lou!!!!!

Halls said...

I think the crafts look great!!! they will appreciate that with time! ;) good to see Ben and Katye too. And i didnt realize you were buddies with Lori G! LOVE her!!