Friday, December 12, 2008

The Woes of Parenthood and Childhood

Oh you gotta love the adventures in parenthood! We had a weekend planned with festivities and the children were going to Bossier to spend time with my in-laws. We were going out with Matt's business partner(Julie Shirley)and her husband, along with one of their doctor's that they call on. Tomorrow night is Matt's Christmas party with his company. Well........this morning I went in to get Landry up and found her looking like this but worse:

Her poor little eyes were matted shut and she had unbelievable dried snot around her nose. OH MY GOODNESS is all I could think and almost panicked! Matt spent the night in Alexandria for business and I was trying to get to school on time. So mom and dad kept her for me until I could get her in to the doctor. Turns out she has an ear infection-the first-and received an antibiotic for that as well as some drops for her eyes.SO, we are not sending Landry to Bossier after all and I have no idea when I will get any Christmas shopping done. Yea-I am one of those who hasn't started. Sorry-I am a HUGE procrastinator and well, my kids aren't old enough yet to truly understand. But I am going sometime this weekend-maybe!!
So as to not make this post too depressing, I thought I would share some fun pictures from throughout the week when they were not as sick(both have pretty much been in and out of Mrs. Dorothy's all week:( ).
They LOVE their Leap Frog ABC fridge magnets. Thanks Thomas! Jake can pretty much sing the entire song.

Jake and Landry last night playing patty cake with Big MamaJake and I were playing in the living room the other day and Landry was being VERY quiet in the kitchen. Hmmmmm, I thought. When I found her she had taken Jake's Pop Tart off this booster seat and was digging in. I guess she likes them and she wasn't choking so what's the harm? Yet we will probably hold off a little longer before adding them to her diet!
Have a great weekend!


adrian seney said...

We have not started Christmas shopping, either! Hope Landry feels better and you can get some shopping done!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Ha Ha, who can resist a pop tart, honestly?!

Hannah Lee said...

Bless that poor baby's heart! Hope she gets to feeling better. I agree with Camille, who CAN resist a pop tart? So delicious!

Tara Smith said...

So sorry ya'll are missing out on the weekend alone. I hope Landry gets to feeling better. Alyssa used to "get sick in her eyes". That is what I called it when her eyes were all matted up with green stuff. I truly belive that it takes a child one sick season to build up their immune system then they will be better. Both of the girls were sick ALL of the time last year but this year have only been sick once so far. (Knock on wood). My Mom and I are going to try to finish our shopping today in Monroe. Let me know if you need anything!