Sunday, November 2, 2008

We Survived the Weekend!

When we got to the game, the kids were mesmerized by the band. They loved watching them!

Again....loving the band!Hey mom!!!

Me and Mary Catherine
Jake was SACKED out by the time we left at had been a long day!

Well, we made it through the Tech game until half-time and Jake fell asleep before we got to the car. Last night we kept the kids up until 9pm due to the fact it was daylight savings. I can remember thinking a long time ago how great it was to have an extra hour of sleep, but ALL of that changes when you have children! So we have been up since the crack of dawn! Then we went out to eat with Trey and Tara again after church and since there are only about 3 places in Ruston open on Sunday we did not get home until 2 o'clock(from now on I say I will cook after church...we'll see!) Oh, and did I mention that I scheduled our family Christmas card pictures for today? Not a good idea(we will be out of town the next 2 weekends and I had to get it done!). Both of my children were SCREAMING their heads off as we left for our 4pm appointment. They had just gotten up from their naps and I was hoping this was not an indication of things to come. pretty much was! Jake would not stay still for the camera and he is a little young to accept a bribe(darn it!). So maybe we will get some good pictures and maybe we won't! Right now my children are really ready to go to bed and I have to try and keep them up for another hour. Thank goodness we have Tuesday off from school. Yet Matt and I are driving to Benton early Tuesday morning to vote since we didn't change our residence before the deadline. Then it is back to finishing up some last minute school projects before taking ANOTHER family fall portrait at 4pm that day(don't ask....I wanted this to just be a fall portrait separate from Christmas cards). Ok, my children are both crying....they are SO tired. I am off to bathe them and put them to bed. Have a great week!


Jellybeans Children's Boutique said...

Your children are precious - and so well dressed. I think that you might enjoy visiting our website and reading our blog

Lora said...

I have been hearing about these GREAT times on your long runs. YOU GIRLS GO!