Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween festivities!

Whew. Can I say that it has been a hectic last couple of days and will welcome this day of rest. Dressing the kids up 2 days in a row and getting them in and out of strollers...along with explaining to Jake that he should put his candy in the bucket and not try to hold it when he clearly cannot understand as he throws a HUGE temper tantrum can be a little exhausting. Jake is still wearing his golf hat this morning. I never knew he would like to dress up so much! He and Landry really did have a great time as did their parents!! I know next year will be even better as they will grasp the concept even more.
Halloween started out really early on Friday as Sarah and I ran out 12 miles at 4:45am(am I the only one who thinks we're crazy?) and finished the run in 1:32. Hopefully this is an indication that we will feel good during the marathon. Hope so! From now on our longest run is 8 miles and I just have to remember to taper properly. Oh how I hope for cold weather but will probably not get it. Looking forward to that weekend though.
Last night we went to an adult Halloween party(not used to doing things without kids!!!!!!!!!!!)and we had a great time! Matt and I were "cereal killers" you get it? A friend from high school, Jonathan Macaskill, suggested it to me on facebook and after much thought decided it was a GREAt and economical idea. The party was fun.
And today we are going to Tech's homecomng with both children so that should be fun. I am going now to enjoy my day!


Hannah Lee said...

Too Cute! Glad you guys had fun and got to have a night as a couple!