Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quick Weekend

We had a fun but quick trip to Baton Rouge this weekend. The kids did great at the wedding. Jake danced and ran all over the place. He is the life of the party!! And Landry is getting so fiesty! She is one tough cookie that always wants to be a step behind her brother. Just this week she has really begun to free stand for up to 10 seconds. She just laughs at herself.

Family picture at the reception.I took this picture right after we got to the wedding. Jake obviously wanted out of the stroller and I just wanted one picture of them in their outfits. Oh well!!
Landry was working on standing while Jake was working on being a line backer! He loves his mealtime.
Right before we left with Matt's parents GiGi and Papaw. Jake was SOOOOO tired....the face says it all. And Landry was happy go lucky!