Monday, November 10, 2008

The Big 3-0

So I thought that in honor my the THIRTIETH birthday tomorrow, I would reflect on the change during our last 2 years. Little do you know the change brought about by children. You truly understand what it means to "die to self" and what unconditional love is! We never thought we would have 2 children SO close together, but are very thankful for the blessings God has given to us. Our children are the center of our lives and keep us laughing constantly. My last 2 birthdays were spent BIG and pregnant! I wasn't one to gain weight gracefully and kinda glad I enjoyed eating a lot(!!) during those times. The weight was easier to get off with Jake than with Landry but they were worth every pound!

At a shower given on my 28th birthday....31 weeks pregnant with Jake.

On my 29th birthday....35 weeks pregnant with Landry(I was 3.5 weeks ahead of my pregnancy from the year before with Jake as he was a preemie and born at 35 weeks...his original due date was January 21)

I am not too big on celebrating birthdays(now my children's' birthdays are another story!) but since the last 2 years have been all about my children(and the next 50 years will be too!), I figured that running a marathon is just about the best gift I could give to myself. It has allowed me to accomplish something big while juggling motherhood among other things. Hopefully I will finish without any complications and just be proud of myself for the moment and enjoy the weekend. We leave Friday and I am looking forward to it!

Here are a few more pictures from the early days!
Jake on the day we brought him home. He was in the NICU for 8 days and we were able to bring him home on 12/23/ Christmas present ever!!

I really didn't take too many pictures of myself pregnant with Landry. I was just really to not be pregnant anymore:(. Hate that I felt that way. This was taken on the day I had Landry. We had a scheduled C-section at noon on 12-10-07. We were headed to the hospital at this point.
Taken on 12-12-07...we were taking Landry Grace home! We celebrated our 4th anniversary the NEXT day and then Jake's 1st birthday on 12-15.
It's been a tough year but I wouldn't trade it for the WORLD! I love you Matt, Jake, and Landry with all of my heart.


Hannah Lee said...

Suzanne! You made me cry! God has blessed you beyond belief with those two precious lives and you have been so wonderful tackling motherhood like you do! I am proud of you! Enjoy your big 3-0 running your little heart out! I know you will be great!

Jessica Stephenson said...

I'm really amazed at how you are able to find time to do everything.
I'm all about birthdays- I hope you are able to celebrate big!

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SND said...

Happy 30th Birthday,Suzy Sunflower!!! Love, Mom and Dad P.S. Do hope that you will feel better soon as it horrible to be sick on your special day.

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HipShooter said...

You deserve every bit! Good luck this weekend! I can't think of a better way for you to celebrate!