Saturday, November 8, 2008

In Baton Rouge for the day!

We arrived in BR last night around 9:00. Matt's cousin is getting married today in St. Francisville. Everything was going great at first...Jake was in his pack n play in a huge closet in the same room we were in....UNTIL Matt checked on him. WELL, he then spent the night in bed with us. Yes I have bruises from where I was kick all night:)! Then he decided to wake up at at 5:50 by crying for Papaw(who is still asleep and probably won't wake up before noon!) and then Landry woke up. It really is fine! This just reminds me why we won't be taking too many vacations until they are a little older. So the wedding is at 4 and we will see how the day goes. We are driving home to Ruston tonight as they should sleep the whole time. Hope they will take a nap today!