Saturday, November 29, 2008

Long Day!

Where did this past week go? And why can't the weeks go by this fast when we are in school? Oh well! Our last Saturday of the holiday was spent waking up at 6am to Jake crying for his mommy. After putting him in bed with us, he finally fell back asleep just in time for Landry to start her whimpering(that was around 7). So I was able to sneak out of bed without waking Jake up and get Landry before her whimpers turned into wails. We were able to spend some quality time playing with toys without her brother snatching them from her:).

And she even got to play with the walker I bought her yesterday at Wal-Mart for $10. Black Friday deal and I did not get there early for it. They still had some at 6pm so I guess we just got lucky!

Shortly after this the whole family was up and ready to eat. We got everyone fed and the house in decent shape. Then I had to quickly get ready for a baby shower that was in Bossier for a friend. So I hopped in the car and went to Bossier, stayed for an hour, then headed BACK to Ruston so that Matt could make a 1:30 Tech football kickoff. He wanted to take the kids and I didn't think that was a good idea. It was damp and cool outside, not to mention Landry hadn't been in the best mood except for when she first woke up. So when I got home I fell into this:

She must have cried ALL afternoon! Jake was wanting to put all her bows in his hair and I thought WHY NOT! She just pulls the bows out every time I put them in. We did manage to get a few in her hair but she could care less about participating in our party. She wanted me to hold her...and I did all afternoon. And Jake was totally enthralled and I was laughing SO hard. He had them on the back of his head as well and was in heaven.

And so was Landry as long as she was in my lap!

Things are still going good with the house deal. The plan is to close on Dec.8. Matt got most of what I boxed up earlier in the week yesterday and we still have to head back over to Benton after church tomorrow to get some last minute things. I still don't have my Christmas tree and decorations so that is top priority. We had our cleaning lady get the house good and clean yesterday so I am anxious to see what it looks like empty AND clean:). We had a lot of fond memories in that house and we will miss it a lot.... but not the house note. Matt and I have already begin looking at houses in Ruston just because it is fun to look! We are going to stay put for a while though, I need a break from packing up boxes.

Landry and Jake's birthday party is this coming Saturday in Shreveport at Gymboree play and music. I took Jake to classes there this summer and he had a BLAST! It isn't the ideal place for a first birthday for Landry, but considering the circumstances I figured it would be the easiest thing. So we are hoping to have a great time and see some of our friends we've been missing. Have a great week!


Hannah Lee said...

The picture with that thing in Landry's mouth is priceless. I also love the fact that Jake loves Landry's bows! Too cute! I am going to try to tackle our Christmas decor today also!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oh my gosh, you are busy!
I love the bow pictures... too cute.