Sunday, November 23, 2008

Priceless Memories

Money spent on toys for the kids: $500
Money spent at Baby Gap: $133
Money spent on the Baby Gap bag that they played in and giggled together: PRICELESS

After shopping in Shreveport and Bossier yesterday,we got home last night and they had a ball with this bag. I wish I could post a video of this! They giggled up a storm! It was so cute:). I had to post this before church!!! Have a great day.


Lora said...

Bags, boxes, peanuts & any packing material-ALWAYS the best toys!

dani said...


Hannah Lee said...

HOW PRECIOUS! If you figure out how to do the video on here, let me know...I can't figure it out. Hope you are getting to rest and have a little fun!

Tara Smith said...

So cute! Let me know if you still want to have a play date one day this week.