Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Uncle Frank's Visit

Matt's Uncle Frank from Baton Rouge was in Ruston today as he is the head lawyer for the state police(or something like that) and they had a luncheon at Squire Creek. I had originally planned on taking a half day from school, but when I cranked up my car this morning it would not crank. So I just took a personal day and we got it fixed. So after lunch and naps, we took the babies out to see Uncle Frank. The governor was supposed to be there but was not due to the bad weather heading to New Orleans...that would have been neat to meet him! I tried to get some cute pictures by the pretty landscaping but neither child would cooperate.

Refusing to look up at the camera!
Thought I could solve the problem by getting in the picture-yeah right!
How precious are those BLUE eyes!
Jake was given some grapes and Landry was all over them. He is really starting to be territorial and not giving her anything. She is so good natured and never cries...but I know the time is a coming!
The Tyler family with Uncle Frank


Lora said...

I see a family resemblance. The kids' outfits are precious!

Just say Julie said...

I like taking those personal days every once in a while :) The pic of Landry and Matt is adorable. Save that for her sr. slide show!

Jessica Stephenson said...

Love the pictures, and the outfits. I don't know if we are going to the game tomorrow. The Babineaux's are coming in, so we are kind of playing it by ear.