Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun on Friday!!

TGIF!!! It has been another long week and we are glad to have a three day weekend! The children have been keeping us busy and we have had many laughs over the past week. Jake had a great week and only woke up once before 6 am.....that was this morning at 5:55am. Other than that I cannot complain:). Living with his Big Mama has allowed him to eat more fruit, as you can see below. I just don't buy enough of it, but my mom sure does and he has had 3 new kinds of fruit that he loves: watermelon, plums, and blueberries. The pictures below are from last night:

Tonight I decided to splurge and let Landry have her OWN Popsicle. Jake will give her a lick every now and again, but I could TELL she wanted her own. Well, here's a the mid-action shot:
And Jake with his!
My brother Brian just got into town. He has never seen Landry in person and got to meet her tonight. Will post some pictures of that later:). We are planning on going to the Tech game tomorrow and taking the babies. Landry won't go to the game, just to the tailgate. Tech is having a tailgate for former Tech football players and we are planning to go to that. We will see how long Landry lasts. I am SO thankful we have my parents in town! They don't plan on going to the game and will keep her for us. Hope to get some cute pics!


Just say Julie said...

Those are so cute! Will loves his popsicles too... I will look for you guys at the game tomorrow!1

adrian seney said...

Your children are beautiful! Glad things are good in Ruston.

Lora said...

YOUR MOM & HER FRUIT! The pictures enjoying a popsicle are definite KEEPERS-unposed-real life-I LOVE THEM!