Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Times in Ruston

We went to La Tech Media Day on Sunday so that we could see one of Matt's former football players from Bossier High, Weldon Brown. He will be a senior this year and is a great person along with a really good athlete. We look forward to being able to go to Tech football games this year, along with the Ruston High ones.

Landry with Big D before we headed to Tech
Matt, Jake, and Weldon
I took the babies to Mrs. Dorthy's today and got this picture before we left. Both babies did great with her and was glad about that! They only stayed a few hours as my workshop didn't last that long. I am working them into the long days slowly:). But we are really happy with everything.
After their naps I decided to take them to Hillcrest to play on the playground. It took a few muscles to push them in the grass next to the busy road(but they were safe-promise) and by the time we got there, I had worked up quite a sweat(mostly from humidity..not trying to sound wimpy!). We stayed for about 5 minutes when Jake was ready for his juice! I was thinking you have got to be kidding me, but Big Mama was on her way to the pool and dropped off some juice for him. So that lasted him another 5 minutes and.....well, we were on our way home. Gotta love those WARM and HUMID LA days. Oh, and sweet Landry just sat there and was all smiles! She took some time out to drink her juice, but other than that didn't make a sound.
Here is Jake before the juice attack!!


adrian seney said...

Are the kids going to Mrs. Dorothy Deason? I have a very good friend, Morgan, and her daughter, Marley, goes there! That is the name I was going to give you if you had no luck! My 4 year-old loves the Hillcrest playground and I am sure Abby will too soon. We live just down the street....when it cools off we will have to let the kids play together.

Lora said...

Teaching special ed, I am sure you understand about short attention spans. I know your Mom is enjoying the babies & you being here!

Jessica Stephenson said...

Mrs. Dorothy kept me as a baby. She is wonderful! I'm so glad that you are using her.