Friday, August 8, 2008

Friends and Farewells

We had such a great time with our friends who showed up to say farewell tonight(although Matt gets to stay around until October!). Not everyone could come because it's still summer(!!) and are out of town, but we really appreciate our friends and what they mean to us. They would not let me take a group picture, so I did the next best thing and took individual shots! So from the looks of it you can tell our babies were tired and hungry, but they did well considering!
The Dunns': Carrie, Emma(5), Brandon, and Brody(2 months)
The Allens': Buddy, Thomas(18 months), and Hailey
The Brignacs': Daniel(Happy 31st!), Hudson(2), Melody, and Avery(5 months)
These pics are out of order...when we were leaving

And the family again..I never get tired of taking family pictures because we don't take them often enough.
Jake was very hungry and finally got the chance to EAT...and you can tell he does not miss a meal. Hailey brought a cookie cake and Jake was in love with the icing.
The Grays': Cason(4), Casey, Cooper (3 just can't see him!) John, and the Hambys'(Sadie was with the grandparents and they are due in March)Ben and Katye
the O'Dells: Elizabeth, Ben(2 on 9/7), and Jason
The twinkies: Katye and Elizabeth
Now that the children are in bed there are a million things I need to do before we leave in the morning, but no I am going to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and then go to bed!


Lora said...

Good looking friends! The Olympics only come every 4 years-you can get the other stuff done-LATER!

B-HO said...

GURL!!Just found out you are MOVING back to RUSTON!!I moved back in April and thought I would NEVER move back...BUT God had a different plan..SO THRILLED you are moving back with your precious family!!Can't wait to see ya...will be praying for an easy and smooth transition!