Sunday, August 24, 2008


Thought I would post some pictures of family taken throughout the weekend. We met Matt's family in Minden yesterday for a late lunch as they kept Jake last night. He was in hog's heaven as Papaw brought the 4 wheeler out to the country for them to ride on. He had a great time and we got a lot done at my parents house while he was gone. It is so easy with just one baby to take care of! We finally got everything unpacked and organized and that makes me feel SO much better.
The bottom pictures are of my nephews and niece: Abigail,11, Nicholas,14 and Cameron,10. It was Cameron's birthday weekend and he had a rollerskating party. Mom and dad had a great time said the party turned out great. My sister Laura is pictured with Nicholas.

Please quit taking so many pictures of me MOM!
Papaw, GiGi with Landry, Matt with Jake, and Aunt Lou....the only Tyler missing is Uncle Mark!
One more quick family picture.


Lora said...

Did your Mom skate? I love to skate. Landry is looking more like her Dad these days! Abigail could be your daughter, she looks so much like you.

Hannah Lee said...

She does look just like you! Glad you guys got to spend sometime with the family!

Jessica Stephenson said...

Glad you are getting settled in.