Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun Weekend

We celebrated Witten VanHoy's 2nd birthday Saturday morning and Jake had a good time playing with his daddy among others at the celebration. Landry is into everything and is becoming a VERY efficient crawler. She totally skipped the rolling phase and went straight to crawling. She is even starting to pull up on things. Hopefully she will not be an early walker, as I have my hands full enough as it is!

Oh how do we love our GiGi and Papaw(and Aunt Lou too!). Jake stayed with Aunt Lou both nights and Landry with GiGi and Papaw on Saturday night. Matt and I enjoyed the down time and the grandparents enjoyed the babies! We were sad to go but will see them again soon.
Mom and I went to the store and when we got back were welcomed by Jake and his antics. God love him.

So I have had enough with my last pounds of baby weight left to lose. I have vowed to myself that excuses are no longer valid...Landry is EIGHT MONTHS OLD. So I am running at 5 am with a group and need to get into bed. Goodnight!


Just say Julie said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Those kids are so cute! Good luck with your running... Can you still call it baby weight when they are 8?!

Lora said...

WHAT BABY WEIGHT! We would all love to look so good!

Jessica Stephenson said...

5 am? My body doesn't understand that time!