Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not much to post

Sorry for the delay in posting(those of you who are actually interested in our life!). Not too much has been happening other than packing (and PACKING) things up and getting stuff moved. We got a lot done yesterday and took 2 car loads over to Ruston...even got Landry's crib taken down. Then I remembered she would have to sleep in the pack n play for 3 nights in a row at our house. I just never have been a fan of those things, but she will be fine. I attended a workshop for new teachers in Lincoln parish today and everything is starting to become 'real' to me.

It was 7 years ago in September that God led me to Benton. I desperately needed a change of scenery and a mentor of mine in college suggested that I move in with my grandparents and do my student teaching over there. I was apprehensive at first but LOVED my student teaching experience. Coach Blackburn was my coordinating teacher and gave me a great quarter with his students(elementary PE at Waller Elem. in Bossier). He even talked me into refereeing some private school basketball games...if you ever have some time I have got THE STORIES. Not a good idea for Suzanne, but we have laughed and laughed about them! During this time I decided to break it off with a longtime boyfriend and was set up on a blind date by non other than Coach Blackburn. The guy also happened to be his nephew. Matt had played football for and graduated from Tech, but our paths had never crossed. Matt was/is from Bossier and went to Airline. We went out for the first time in November of '01, were engaged in December of '02, and married in Dec.'03. We joke about being a rare couple who had no children on our third anniversary and 2 on our fourth...try to beat that one(with 2 separate pregnancies). Our anniversary is 12/13. Jake was born 12/15/06 and Landry 12/10/07. And just to make sure we aren't busy enough, Matt's birthday is 12/7. Whew, I feel broke just thinking about it:).

Little did I know that 7 measly years ago I would meet the love of my life, some of the absolute greatest friends I could ever ask for, find the best church family and learn a lot(but still have tons more to learn) from teaching every age group K-12 and 2 subjects...PE and special ed, and some where in there was talked back into coaching cross country and track. I know some of you may be thinking 'oh get over it' and you are probably right, but I won't. We love it here and I know we will keep in touch. All of Matt's family lives here for heaven's sake. But yes I still am emotional about it.

And hopefully 7 years from now I will be thinking of all the fun memories and friends we have made in the Ruston area. I sure hope so for I don't keep up with too many friends(most have moved away) in the area. As for now I am off to bed. Have a good night!


Lora said...

Glad you joined us this AM. Larry said you smoked him. I was thinking about you today & wondering if the princ. at Choud. has in mind you for their CC team. You know they have a GREAT team don't you?

SND said...

I could have almost written the same post back in 1972 when we moved to Ruston. We had loved it in Bossier City as well and did not want to move. Little did I know that I would grow to love it here and so blessed that we were able to bring our children up in this town. I understand your tears and fears and know that God has a wonderful plan for the Matt Tyler family!!!

The Tylers said...

Oh Mrs. Lora!
As much as I love CC, right now I just need to be with my babies. I hate walking away from the athletes I have grown to love, but I also know that I need to postpone any coacing for atleast a couple of years. That way I can do it the 'right way' with time invested properly into a program. Hope I can run again sometime soon!!!