Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This and That

Nothing major to post but we have been enjoying this week with Jake hitting a major milestone today. I bought him a different flotation device today that gave him more stability in the water. He loved it and loved the water! I couldn't get him out of the pool!!!! I know it's not the same as swimming alone but I am so excited that he will get into the big pool!!! We went to Sharon's in-laws this morning to hang out and play. They are currently napping and I am blogging. Matt went into his interview at 2:30 and will probably be there for a few hours....biding the time until I hear from him.
Landry Grace swimming with Emma and Abby

The crew...I am so happy for Jake. Look at that sweet smile! He is so proud of himself!

Took some pictures this morning of the kids for a Father's Day present for Matt. My friend Hollie and her mom own Initially Yours and made this dress for is too big and i had to clip it in the did make for a cute picture though. Check out her site for some cute cute clothes and good deals.
We hung out with Landon and Kennedy Hall yesterday at their house and played on their water slide. This picture, hands down, might be one of the cutest I've ever taken. Love it!

This was before water day at VBS last Friday
Landry Grace with Chandler(aka Hank)
I took the kids to Allie Jones' 3rd birthday last Saturday and she had a Minnie Mouse cupcake cake....Jake looked hilarious with his black lips. Didn't bother him a bit.
My high school teammate Jonathan Macaskill was in from San Diego during the Memorial Day holiday and I was so glad I had the chance to visit with him. It's been 2 years since we last saw each other(when Matt and I were in San Diego we had dinner with he and his wife, Carrie). Jon is a Navy Seal and also hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2011. Hope to see him there!!


Halls said...

awesome pics! last night was fun!! congrats again to matt!

Jon Macaskill said...

Wow! I look burned out in this picture. Holy cow. Hope I don't still look like that!