Thursday, June 10, 2010

Out and About

Another week has flown by and find myself yet again trying to catch up on blogging. Last Saturday we went to Anna Mitchell's wedding. My very good friend Mary Catherine was in with her husband from Chicago and I also spent some time with another great friend, Brooke Carroll. She lives in Philadelphia and was in for several weeks and came to Anna's reception with her parents. It is always good to reconnect with people at weddings and this one did not disappoint. Anna was beautiful and we wish her all the best. The reception was so much fun and we stayed almost to the end since we had a babysitter and were able to enjoy ourselves.
Me and Mary Catherine with a favorite teacher of ours, Paula Pardue. She was my fine arts survey and American history teacher. I love her!

Me and Matt with Sarah and Ryan Kilpatrick. You have heard me talk about Sarah as she is my running partner and guess what? They are pregnant!!! Due in January so she is taking some time off from running right now. We are so excited for them!

These are friends from RHS class of '97: HeatherHay Reeder, Kim Hood Audi, Anna Mitchell Cox, me, Molly McMahone Stone, Mary Catherine Warner Foret, and Angie Colvin Taylor

I have been helping out with VBS at our church this week but went down with Lori Golden to Baton Rouge yesterday to help celebrate and surprise her husband Russ for his 40th birthday. She had some help with friends of hers that live in BR, the Naders'(you may remember Breaux from FCA at Ruston High), and Tommy and Margo(Tommy works with Russ). Matt met us in Baton Rouge at Walk On's for a fun dinner and then we(Matt and I ) headed to Marksville to spend the night. We got home this afternoon and thanks to my parents who kept Jake and Landry Grace while we were gone.
Lori and Russ.....yes, Lori was my senior English teacher and Russ coached football at during my time at RHS and now Russ is Matt's boss(until Tuesday that is!). We have come full circle!
The group at Russ' birthday surprise: Craig and Kristen(Holland's brother and sister-in-law), Lori and Russ, me and Matt, Tommy and Margo, Breaux and Holland Nader

And just to bring you up to date on Matt's job, he will find out Tuesday whether or not his current company, Takeda, will keep him on as a sales rep. He did get another interview with a pharmaceutical company next Thursday and they are flying him out to Dallas. We are praying that all will go well and that this is God's plan for us. This job's territory is Monroe and surrounding areas so we wouldn't have to move. A potential blessing.


jessie said...

in love with that green dress!

Halls said...

wow!! BR trip sounded fun!! i didnt realize you knew Lori! Love her!!! Been thinking about you...hope you are good! i love the green dress too!!! ;0

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love the pictures from the wedding! Mary Catherine taught me tennis when I was little...she is so sweet! You all look so cute.