Monday, June 28, 2010

Annual Trip

We are leaving this week for the beach and have made it an annual trip. Matt wasn't able to go with us last year as he had already taken his vacation for our Disney trip. Currently he is on a very long vacation until his new job starts. Then he will still be at home doing home study and learning about his new drugs. It's been great having an extra hand.

We are going back to Waterscape in Ft. Walton where we went last year. The kids had so much fun that it was a no brainer!

Last July 2009 at Waterscape. The toddler play area is great!

June 2008 Landry Grace's first beach trip....I decided not to do professional beach pics this trip and from now on will always hire a photographer! Didn't get one good shot! Booked our beach pictures early this year!
This next pic is one of them in a bike buggy. They did great in it and fell asleep. Mom and I rode probably 5 miles out from the condo when LG woke up and screamed the ENTIRE way back. I am sure the people we passed thought I was torturing her somehow. As soon as I picked her up she was fine. Just a little spoiled. I laugh so hard every time I think of this!

This is when Jake was 6 months old. I did hire a photographer but not until late and the only opening she had was a 6AM slot. Yeah it was a little too early!