Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Breaks and Swim Lessons

Life comes with good news and bad....so I'll start with the bad news first. Matt lost his job today along with many others. We were expecting this but weren't certain. He will receive a severance package so that is the upside. The other upside is that we are almost certain Matt is the only person interviewing in Dallas this Thursday with DSI(another pharmaceutical job). His territory is based in Monroe so this would mean we wouldn't have to move and the start date is July12....so this would be a HUGE blessing if he gets offered the job. We are continuing to pray for God's guidance and know that his plan is much bigger than ours!

The GOOD news is(drum roll please).......Jake is doing well is swim lessons. I don't expect him to be swimming by the end of next week, but would like him to feel a little more comfortable in the big pool(as opposed to only wanting to swim in the baby pool). He cried some on the first day as did Landry Grace but today was so great I called mom and had her come for the last 10 minutes. When I say they are doing great I mean no crying...they are still very apprehensive in the water which is good. Hoping LG is swimming by the end of the lessons. She is my water baby. I am also proud of Jake, too!

Here they are before we left yesterday:
Giving me the "thumbs-up" before going to the pool...LG is doing the number 1. She can't quite manipulate that thumb!

Actually got a smile out of Jake on day 1 but there were tears right before this picture.
Landry Grace is all smiles
Another boy in their class was screaming(as lots of kids do at first) and this was really upsetting them. This picture captures their anguish....

Day 2........all smiles as they head out to Mrs. Linda's
Jake went in without a hitch!

And LG loved it too!

Sitting and waiting patiently for their turn........

We went to the Cedar Creek pool after this and Jake refused to get into the big pool.....he'll get used to it soon enough. Landry Grace wanted to stay in the big pool and is getting a lot more comfortable with me letting her go as she "swims" by herself.
This week has felt like the first official week of summer without places to be(other than 30 minute lessons) or anyone being sick. We are finally at an age where they can go for an extended amount of time without having to take a nap. It is SO nice to be able to take them places without rushing home for nap time. Yesterday we stayed at Lincoln Parish Park until 2:30 before coming home for naps and today we were out until 1:30 or so...........the kids are worn out and take nice loooong naps. But this has been a long time acoming!! It's hard being a parent but so rewarding at the same time!
On a side note, little LG pretty much has the potty training down pat! We have had our fair share of accidents but she is a pro compared to her brother at this age. When out swimming is when we are most accident prone but other than she is doing well.
Have a good week and I'll keep you posted on Matt's interview.


adrian seney said...

Love that they drive down to swimming lessons in the pink car. Too cute!! We love Mrs. Linda. Audrey took for two summers. Holding off on Abby until next summer. Will be praying for Matt's job situation.

jessie said...

i'm so sorry, suzanne. will be praying that all turns out with the other job. on a brighter note; your kids are adorable! i LOVE that they "drive" to their lessons! that's going to be a great memory for them!

Halls said...

Oh, i hope the Dallas interview goes great!! i will keep yall in my prayers!!! Yay for the swimming lessons going so well!!! And i am glad you are enjoying summer (finally). I can't believe LG is potty trained!! wow! we really do need to catch up! hopefully soon! miss you!

Ryan said...

Saying prayers for the interview! I'm so jealous of Landry being potty trained! Annabelle doesn't seem to care. I don't think she'll ever be trained!

Emery Wilkerson said...

Thinking about ya'll during this time of transition! Praying for the right job to appear... And that you get to stay in RUSTON! Is it okay to pray for that?! ha! Love the pics in the pink jeep! Too cute!

Marylou said...

awww...ok, so I took swimming lessons at Mrs. Linda's!! :) Rite of passage in Ruston eh? They are so precious and I am so glad that the Lord worked thinigs out for you guys with the job situation. (just now commenting but read the most recent posts above this one)

Donna said...

I seriously think you have the cutest kids EVER!!! And I LOVE the pic of LG with the bow in the hair EVEN while swimming...so cute :)