Monday, June 28, 2010

Peach Festival

Another year has come and gone as the Ruston Peach Festival rolled through town this past weekend. It was so darn hot, we really didn't do much other than the pet show and parade. The kids loved them both! So it was worth all the sweat.

Below are the crew at the sweltering pet show. It was so hot I only attempted 1 picture. The rest of the time my rear end was burning UP on the concrete stairs. What we do for our children who DON'T want to leave before the trick category(1.5 hours later)!

Saturday we met up with some friends at the Alpha Chi house. I think it might become tradition as we gathered inside at first and had restrooms when needed. Great idea Katie!

They first saw the parade starting. Thought this was cute.
I have never seen such a picky candy picker-upper. She would study the candy on the ground, only to pick up a few pieces. Of course out of her skimpy findings, almost all of the candy ended up being spit out because she didn't like it. My dainty little girl!
He had a BLAST at the parade! Love this shot.
After it was over and done, Jake sat in the middle of Alabama Street thinking he was going to enjoy his peanuts. Sorry Buddy! Not gonna happen. But I did take a picture......
SUPER grandma! After running 13 miles at 5am and then helping out with the 5K, mom met up with us at the parade. We love having her around all the time!
And after sleeping until 7 am and running 0 miles, I showed up with my children neatly dressed at the parade;)!


The Dugdale Family said...

Your kids are too cute! I'd love for Georgia to play with Landry soon!
PS....your mom really is SUPER grandma. Love her!

DeniFay said...

Those kiddos are too cute and you put Landry Grace in the best clothes!! Glad y'all had fun!