Sunday, February 22, 2009

If Only I Could Smock!!

For those of you who aren't into little girl dresses, so sorry to bother you with this post! We went to Bossier yesterday and found a surprise waiting for us at my mother-in-law's house. She has a friend that lives in OK and can smock. Mrs. Lynda had made Jake a precious smocked jon jon when he was little but it was too small by the time we received it:(. Well, she made up for it and with sweet Landry's gift. I have never seen cross-stitched initials in smocking before-PRECIOUS! If only my mom or I could do this(or had time to!!) Thanks so much Mrs. Lynda!

Yesterday wasn't a very good day to go shopping but I did manage to visit a shop that I haven't been to often due to Landry not having much hair: The Bow Shop!!! I had several bows made to match some of her outfits. What fun!(again I apologize to those of you who could care less about bows!!)
We also visited our friends Jay and Ashley in Shreveport last night. We decided to stay late and dress the kiddos in their PJ's before heading home. They have 3 girls: Emma, Ella, and Analeigh but only Ella is pictured here. She is one year older than Jake but I think he is bigger than her:).
We had breakfast with Aunt Lou in Bossier this morning instead of rushing back to church. She hadn't seen the kiddos and we wanted to visit with her. I love some Strawn's breakfast:).
On the other hand, I think Landry is getting an ear infection as she has been VERY fussy and not sleeping too well lately. She is constantly wanting to be held and that is uncharacteristic. So I am probably going to take her in Monday or Tuesday to get checked out.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

That dress is too cute! My mama smocked for me when I was a little girl- I always wore smocked dresses for picture day!

SND said...

Well, that just might be the answer to our prayers!! Lora can teach me along with some of the other grandmothers how to smock!! Of course, I am still working on a smocked Christmas ornament that I bought about 28 years old and have yet to finish it. It will be beautiful if I when finish it!!! Maybe I could give it to Landry as a wedding present??!!!

Hannah Lee said...

I love the dress! That reminds me of some dresses my mom put me in! We had a few with the smocked initials in them! It is a timeless and precious look for little girls!

Halls said...

I am thinking i should start learning to make smock, nevermind!! ;) I have zero talent or patience for that. Hope Landry doesnt have an EI...don't you just hate 10 days of meds??!!