Friday, October 3, 2008

Moving in!!!

So we are moving in this weekend. Sarah and I had a shorter long run this weekend(12 miles but only did 11 due to the time factor) and did it this morning before work. Weather was GREAT... 51 degrees. My in-laws are keeping the kids tonight and I was looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow until I got to work. Someone was reading the paper and talking about garage sales. There are like 30 of them in the morning. So there goes my morning to sleep in:(. I have to go look for Landry a set of drawers.Then if I cannot find some we will buy something. I'll post pictures of our move when we are settled in!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Girl, you are running A LOT! You go! Are you training for something?

P.S. I love the jr. high picture of you and your friends. Too funny.

The Tylers said...

Unfortunately a marathon! Got talked into it by some girls and just about ready for it to be over with. Congrats again!

Sarah Kate Taylor said...

Angie and I noticed that your running is paying off...LOL