Saturday, October 18, 2008

Papa Simpson's Farm

Well, we made it through Papa Simpson's this morning and the major meltdown that could have been avoided did not happen until we were leaving(I should have left a little earlier as my sweet laid back Landry was hungry and not laid back anymore). I posted way too many pictures, but got some sweet ones and wanted to post more than usual. The tours at the farm are only once a month, so there there were 3 church groups along with the many families. It really wasn't that crowded because they split the groups up. Matt's mom met us over there and Jake loved looking at the animals, but wasn't interested in getting close to them. I did get a few pictures where he did though. He was particularly interested in the cows due to the fact he has 2 of his own(thanks Aunt Lou) and Matt's family has Brangus cows. I put an explanation below the pictures.

This was yesterday before heading to Mrs. Dorothy's...notice the necklace AND truck in Jake's hand....yes 2 very opposite toys but he was happy!

Before we headed to Arcadia this morning Jake was into my jewelry as usual........I wouldn't worry about it so much, but all the little pieces that he drops are what Landry picks up to put in her mouth.

What a cute picture this would have made if only they would look! Good luck on that one mama. We had just arrived and they were checking everything out.

Gigi and her favorite grandson(she only has 1 grandson)!

He was looking at the cows..I thought this was a good pic!

Quick picture of the babies(who won't look at the camera) and their mama!

Jake mesmerized by the baby chicks.
Jake would not pet the chick, but his younger and daredevil sister would.
They loved looking at the baby chicks! I had to get Landry off the chicken wire before she tore it up.
Jake thought the baby pigs were pretty neat. We worked on naming all the animals and he named all of them.
Landry loved looking at the calves. She wasn't scared at all.
Jake actually did feed the calf some milk.
Jake showing off his pumpkin he got in the pumpkin patch.
He wanted to show it to his sister, but she was out. This nap didn't last too long and meltdown happened when we went to eat.
She was so upset that she wouldn't eat much of her bottle nor any food. Then Jake fell out of the booster seat onto the floor HARD and they were both screaming. Needless to say we just got up and left:).
Jake is now in Bossier with Matt's parents and we are taking Landry to the Tech game for a little while. Hopefully this outing will fare better than the last one!


Lora said...

Sweet times!

Mysti said...

What fun!

Tara Smith said...

So cute! It was good meeting you too! Your kids are precious. Oh, and thanks for the link to Sherry Owens photography - the girls are having their pictures made tomorrow!