Wednesday, October 15, 2008

But Another Mid-Week Update

I hit only 1 low point when we moved into our house. That was when I had to tin foil the bedroom windows until our blinds came in(the previous owner took his blinds when he left....never heard of taking the blinds but whatever). So they were delivered on Monday and Matt put them up tonight. How exciting:). I had to document their arrival..the children weren't too fond of sitting next to each other, but they did give me a chance to take their picture.

Landry has started to get an opinion when Jake takes something from her now...can you tell from the face below? And Jake just rejoices in her anger. Oh the joys of siblings!
Now she is satisfied he is no longer on her rock.
And when they are happy and playing together.....
On to other issues....Landry is currently cutting her 4 top teeth. Mrs. Dorothy caught her yesterday and today bitting another child. I have fortunately never dealt with this issue with Jake as he has never(so far) been a biter. Not sure how I will go about disciplining her because you can't at this age. She just wants some relief from the discomfort bless her heart:(.

I took both babies to the dr. yesterday for a check-up due to the fact they have had coughs and runny noses for a month. She wants me to document from now on their sick days and well days on a calendar so that they will be treated with the proper antibiotics the next time they come in. I'll do my best, can't make a promise that I'll remember to keep up with the days.....but she did finally weigh 17 pounds(and 1 ounce).

And I sure hope we have better weather this weekend. Matt is going on a men's retreat with a local church and I am planning on taking the babies to Papa Simpson's farm in Arcadia. Looking forward to that. They only do tours once a month and Saturday is the day. This month they will get to pick a pumpkin from the pumkin patch(hope I read that correctly on the website!) Jake will have a blast seeing all the animals.
I'm tired...have a good night!


Lora said...

I'm laughing about foil on the windows. What about those really cheap temp blinds or even a sheet- but I AM SORRY I missed the sight of the tinfoil!

Hannah Lee said...

I am with Mrs. Lora. Would have LOVED the see the tin foil! Glad you guys are getting settled. Sick babies are NO fun and I sure hope they are over their sick days!

By: Stacey Hess said...

Your house is so cute! Mary Machelle had the big moving truck at her house today - I am so sad that all my buddies are moving.
I am having a show in Ruston next Thursday it is from 11:30 - 1:30 (I think you will be at work) but I wanted to send you an invitation anyway - send me your address.


The Tylers said...

Mrs. Lora-
My babies have to have DARK in their the tin foil wins over the sheets:). Matt even made me buy the cheap foil, but it still did the trick!!! Have a good day and yes we are enjoying the blinds!

Jessica Stephenson said...

The house is very cute. Love the stories. Papa Simpson's farm is lots of fun. We took the boys last year and laughed a lot. Next time I see you remind me to tell you the story.