Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekly Update

Thought I would update you before heading to bed! Things have settled down since my last post:). I do not have to write a 12-15 page research paper, although I do have a lot of projects to tackle before the end of the quarter. Projects I can handle, research papers I cannot.
The babies are doing well at the new house. Landry better than Jake. We have recently gone to an 8 pm bedtime and Jake hasn't gotten up before 6 so far(knock on wood). He has, however, been crying a lot when he gets up and says over and over "bye bye" and "LuLu"(his sister) as he is ready to go as soon as he awakes and wants Landry to get up! She has been sleeping past 7 and it takes everything in us to try and keep him somewhat quiet. We didn't have to worry about this with one child!!!! But other than that we are doing well. Jake is just so in tune with his surroundings and he has been through a lot of change lately!
We went to the Choudrant Elementary carnival tonight and the whole "village"(yes this town is termed village) was out in droves. The kids did well all things considered as Matt and I split duties at the cake walk. Jake was ALL OVER THE PLACE and Landry just sat back in her stroller and took it all in. It was fun!
Tomorrow Sarah and I are running 18 miles. Matt got me an Ipod nano but I don't know how to use it nor do I have any songs uploaded to it. So much for listening to it on the run. I never have gotten too much into walkmans anyway I suppose. Our conversation during the run is enough to get us through. I sure am happy to have a running partner! Sarah is about 3 years younger than me and went to the private school in town. Her mom and I work together and gave me her number when we first moved to Ruston. I love how running connects you with people that you probably never would have met had it not been for running. She's a great person and I definitely would not be doing a marathon without an accountability partner!
And we should be getting our TV hooked up tomorrow. Who would have thought it would take this long but direct TV was backed up. Sad to say we are hooked to our tube, but aren't we all(admit it)? Have a great weekend. We are off from school on Monday. HOORAY! I am having the kids pictures taken with pumpkins! That should be fun:)
Enjoy the pics:

Jake at breakfast on Thursday morning: he wore my sunglasses until he got to Dorothy's house. daddy or what???
Landry Grace minding her own business and looking mighty cute doing it!!!
Later that day she was through with her mashed potatoes and decided to have some fun with them.
Carving pumkins with Big Mama....Mama doesn't want to cut hers yet...we'll have many years of that ahead of us!
Before heading to the carnival tonight. His GiGi got these outfits for them last Christmas and they looked so cute on both of them.

And below:Landry again taking it all in. She just stared at everyone the whole night.

Jake and Daddy at the cake walk.

I told Jake to give LuLu a kiss and she was SOOOO excited to get some attention from him! She really does think he hangs the moon. I will have to remind her of this in years to come!


Lora said...

Your kids are SO CUTE! 18-huh-you have got it made!

Hannah Lee said...

What adorable pictures! I am so proud of you and all your running!