Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

So I have tried for HOURS to upload this video from YouTube and I can't figure it out! So the link is below. I wanted to give you a visual but will have to forgive me and click on the link!
But before you do that, I want to preface the video by telling you that the hardest thing about moving to Ruston has been finding a church family. We were very blessed in Bossier by our friends and Sunday school class and yes, took all of that for granted. When we moved here we started out by visiting a Baptist church and then my hometown Methodist church. I know it doesn't matter the religion, but Matt grew up Baptist and I "converted" 6 years ago. I don't feel pressure from my parents to attend my home church. They want us to go where we feel led. And we are still looking.
Matt and I were both brought up in Christian homes and (we know we are not perfect) the most important thing to me right now is to make sure my children know the Lord. Sure we have made MANY mistakes and I am not proud of some things in my past but we all have those issues. When children come along, EVERYTHING changes and you realize what is truly important in life. Thank goodness we have a gracious and forgiving Lord.
So not to make this a really long story, my dear friend Caroline sent this video to me this summer called cardboard testimonies and I watched (with Jake!...he sat there the whole time) while I laughed and cried and then cried some more. It is SO worth the 8 minutes. This morning I went to Trinity(the church I grew up in) and was so touched by their version of the cardboard testimonies. It was just as powerful!
Praise God for his undying love. Please enjoy this video and TAKE THE TIME to watch it:)!


SND said...

It was better watching it the second time. I cried also. Love, Mom

Tara Smith said...

Thank you so much for sharing that video! I am still crying but it was worth it!!! Hopefully we will see you this week at one of the many Halloween activities!

Tara Smith said...

Yes - we are going to family game night at FBC. It starts at 5:30 - I think. I am going up there tonight to help set up so I will find out the exact time and if the kids are to wear costumes and let you know.

Tara Smith said...

It starts at 5:30 and it is up to you if you want to dress the kids up. I am not dressing my kids up. Sorry about all of the posts!!