Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, we made it through another week and Landry is continuing to grow up entirely too fast. She had her 9 month appointment in Ruston with Dr. Slusher and weighed 16 pounds 6 oz/ 27.5 inches long. Jake went as well to meet our new pediatrician and was 33 lbs and 35 inches. We liked her! Landry is a much better eater as far as trying new things. She will eat just about anything and I am thinking she will eat more when she can eat more people food. We just need some more teeth to come in(she still only has 2). Friday she ate her weight in Monjuni's lasagna(I only gave her the shell part with the sauce-no meat!) and yesterday she ate a bowl of mashed potatoes from KFC. I am trying more and more new foods with her each week. She is very efficient at pulling up to a standing position and is cruising a little on the furniture. Jake is his normal WILD self! He is on the go and rarely slows down.....he is all boy!

Matt is back from Chicago and will be with us now all the time. He will start selling his new drug, Actose(type 2 diabetes drug) on October 1. Until then he will be working his old territory. He is taking Landry to the pediatric GI tomorrow in Shreveport. I will be interested to see what he says about her progress. She was 14lbs 10 oz at 6 months and still hasn't gained a full 2 pounds in 3 months. That is slow weight gain, but she is probably just going to be small-who knows. She is still on her specialized formula along with Prevacid for reflux. I will let you know.

Below are some pictures I took today...I got a little excited about the expected cool weather and pulled out one of Landry's fall outfits. Yeah it was still way too warm to wear it but maybe not by tomorrow! The bottom picture is from last night...the babies had a BLAST playing in Landry's bed. Jake rolled all over her and she just giggled up a storm . She is one tough cookie. Have a great week!

She had no idea Jake was about to whop her with a truck. We are working on being nice to sissy....we are working on it!
Trying to get Landry interested in books....maybe not yet! We keep trying though:) Jake having daddy read him a book.
Getting a picture with my princess
Playing before bedtime! Then Matt and I went to see the movie "Righteous Kill"....pretty good.


Lora said...

Suzanne-I LAUGHED so hard at the pic of Jake about to clobber Landry. SUCH TYPICAL kid behavior. Our oldest would hit his 2 year younger brother-we would fuss at him and he would turn to brother and say "SOOOORRRRYYYY"- in such a insincere tone. TOO FUNNY! They are growing and you soon will be chasing 2 around.

Just say Julie said...

Those pictures are great! Will was a huge fan of monjuni's. He would suck the sauce off his fingers and gnaw on the garlic bread. He still loves to go there.

Jessica Stephenson said...

I love the pictures! I know you will be happy to have Matt with you full time. Jake looks like a football player already!