Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Message from Jake and Landry

Here is a message from the babies:

Yes, we bought a home earlier today...or should I say new to us. Matt and I have thought and prayed hard about the decision and decided to go ahead and buy a small(or better said VERY small) house that we can afford while we sell the one in Benton. This house has only been on the market for 5 days, so I am sure the current owners are happy! The market has been slow in Bossier, so it may take up to a year to sell our house. With that being said, we just don't want to impose on my parents for that long even though they love having us. We really hope to rent this house out one day and plan to never sell it....but who knows. For the time being it is ours and it will work. Here it is below:

We are not going to close until September 30th. The only thing I want to do is paint the is red and I just can't do it! Probably will go with a light mint green like we have in our current home. Matt is in charge of that as I don't paint. The experience I had before we got married painting wood paneling was enough to last me a LIFETIME. I vowed never again(but we have all said that right!). Keep you posted on the rest of the week as we DO have school tomorrow. And sadly enough I start my classes at Tech next Tuesday. How many hours can I possibly accumulate?????


Hannah Lee said...

YAH for yall! I know that is so exciting! I am sure your mom is going to miss having here grandbabies right there, though. Glad to see things are going great for yall! Keep us posted!

Just say Julie said...

Congrats on the house! I know it is a huge relief for you. It looks super cute and you will have to take pictures of your "renovations".

auDi tHis woRld said...

Congrats on the house, Suzanne! I know you feel relieved!

What's the address?