Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mid-Week Update

SO glad we made it through hump day! I had a workshop to attend on Monday and Tuesday for school, so I did not have to be there until 8:30 both days....that was nice! I have had a cold for about a week now and just can't shake it! So I slept in yesterday instead of running and it was nice to stay in bed until 7. Haven't done that in a while. So I felt pretty guilty all day about missing my run(I am already in that stage) and when we got out of our workshop early, I decided to get my 5 miles in. Not a very pleasant thing to do in 80+ degree weather. But I got it done and 8.5 more in this morning. My right knee is feeling my weekly buildup in mileage and I am taking a DAY OFF tomorrow!

Matt and I went to Wal-Mart today with the babies and Landry fell asleep in the buggy...a first and so glad we have the shopping cart cover as she was face first on the front rail! We immediately went home for her to take a nap!!!

And we are closing next Tuesday on our house. Glad about that but not glad about being squished into an 1100 sq. ft. home! But it really will be fine. Sarah asked me this morning if I was packed and ready.....not even close and guess we should get on the ball! Everything is just hectic and busy right now! Add in 6 hours of graduate work and you have a great big party! But I truly wouldn't change anything right now...other than not having to take classes. I will be done with my add-on certification in special ed by March. Whew!

Matt is currently at a friend's house playing poker, the babies are in bed, mom and dad are at Bible study, and I am home alone. I am going to relax.


Lora said...

Listen to your body! I remember those frantic busy days with little ones, work, home & hubby. Makes me tired to think about it!

Jessica Stephenson said...

I'm glad you got a moment to relax. I know that working, being a mom of two, and a wife makes it hard to find even a second alone to relax. I'm just so impressed that you have time to run!

Hannah Lee said...

I would love to see you soon also! Sounds like things are pretty hectic for you as well. Hang in there, girl! You are super woman!