Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mary Catherine's Visit

We had a surprise visit from Mary Catherine and Clay today. They are in from Baton Rouge due to lack of electricity. We met them at Sundown for lunch today(how about today's weather!!! 63 degrees this morning!) and had a nice visit. Landry was the center of attention as Jake played with the sidewalk chalk.

Landry and MC
Landry is LOVING these cheezums! We couldn't stop laughing and she wouldn't stop eating them. She likes "people" food a WHOLE lot better than baby food. Maybe when we make the transition she won't be so small:)!
My sweet friend:)

On another note, Mary Catherine and Clay are training for the San Antonio half marathon. It just so happens that I ran with a girl this morning that is doing the S.A. Marathon too. We ran with 2 other young whipper snappers(aka fast and a lot younger!!) and I originally had not planned on doing the whole run with them, but the weather felt GREAT and I was just thankful to have some running partners(my stubborn side also kicked in). So I ended up running 14 miles with them and am now feeling it! That might be the farthest I've ever run. But it got me to thinking that I want to do the marathon as well. It is Nov. 16 and I am not sure it is a smart idea to do so much SO soon. So I am contemplating on what to do and we'll see. In the mean time I am enjoying getting back to my "old running self".

Matt leaves for Chicago tomorrow for a week of training on the new drug that he is going to sell. It is also a really busy week for me as we have open house at school and class on Tuesday. But we will make it through:). Be back soon.


Lora said...

Nov 16th-that may be pushing it and asking for an injury-BUT you are young and really strong!

MC said...

Check out the food in my teeth! :)