Friday, September 5, 2008

Joker Jake

My dear child has become quite a fan of Big D's stickers. He gets them in the mail for donations in return....or something like that. But for whatever reason, he has a ton of stickers. So yesterday afternoon I found him like this. You gotta laugh at this. Nevermind the dirty shirt....he refuses to let us feed him and cannot fully grasp the fork concept. Life is never dull!

I caught mom and dad doing their best this morning to get Landry to eat all of her oatmeal. I was on my way to school and thought this picture was priceless! Landry is a big finger sucker and dad was trying to get her mind off of those things and get her to eatin'.


Lora said...

HOW MANY GRANDPARENTS DOES IT TAKE TO FEED ONE SMALL CHILD? Obviously in Landry's case-2! Your Mom was telling me about this today-TOO FUNNY! LOVE THE STICKER MAN!