Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Jake is super excited about all the swimming we plan on doing this summer. LG could care less as she hasn't been in the pool yet and we've made 3 trips. Hope this changes on Monday when we start swimming lessons. Jake went through this last year so I'm thinking hers is a phase that'll pass.

Please disregard my extreme country accent. Consider yourself culturified today( and no, that isn't a word but it is now)!


jessie said...

sorry we just missed y'all today! this should be a fun year out there; since o can actually kinda play and she'll have some friends out there!

Deni said...

That is a hilarious video--love that he wanted to watch himself immediately! So did you do that on your phone or do you have a video camera? We're researching--need some opinions! :)

The Tylers said...

I emailed that to my blog from my iPhone. So easy! I also have the new rebel that has video. Great and convient. We also have the traditional video camera but don't use it often.