Saturday, May 21, 2011

Events and Parties

We continue to have activities going on and I am just doing my job by posting some of our outings this week. Jake had his next to last game on Thursday and continues to enjoy t-ball. As he was rounding second and headed to third, the ball his teammate hit rolled right in front of him. Seeing this, he stopped and tried to field the ball. I got a good laugh out of it, but also know that his instinct kicked in to try and" get that ball".

Landry Grace's end of the year party was Friday at a classmate's house. She had a great time playing with her friends. We look forward to another year of Montessori next year.
Landry Grace in all her glory. She has certainly been going through a tough stage here lately with a "her way or no way" attitude. Hoping it doesn't stick around long.....
This picture was out of focus, but she had a blast sliding down the jumpee with her classmates and Ms. Cindy.
I caught some cute pictures at an Idea Place birthday party for one of Jake's classmates. Here they were doing the rocket experiment with Alkaseltzer tablets. The film containers shoot up pretty high and Jake thought this was great. We've been to a couple of parties here and they are fun. There aren't many options in Ruston for parties.
The reaction from Jake and Tullie. Love this, even though it's out of focus.
Jake had a great time. Landry Grace was scared to death. She also was not fond of the planetarium, our next stop. It was pitch dark and she was ready to G.O.
Ashley and sweet Madeline. We are going to miss some sweet families from Jake's class next year!
Jack and Jake getting ready to watch the planetarium show. Only 2 more days left with students and then we are done Thursday at lunch. So cannot wait to enjoy some downtime with my growing children.


Deni said...

LG sounds like a girly girl for sure and her fashionista wardrobe helps!! Too cute!!!

Hannah Lee said...

Looks like life is busy as ever! I am so happy to see you have happy and healthy children...oh and they're pretty cute too!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Your kids look so happy & I'm glad you'll have some downtime soon!