Sunday, May 15, 2011


The countdown is SUMMER! This is what I love about being a teacher! No schedules, plenty of free time, and of course vacations. This summer we have our annual beach trip planned. The only downfall is that Matt won't be going so that he can save his vacation days for our Disney trip in the fall. I say that's a fair trade. We are also going on a cruise to Cozumel with Matt's mom and aunt. This should be interesting with the kids, but from what we have looked at, there is plenty of stuff for them to do on board. If anyone has taken a cruise with children, please give us some tips!

Aside from summer plans, we have been busy with kids activities, Sunday school parties, girls night out, and so forth. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

Landry Grace wore her outfit of choice to Jake's game Friday night. Can you tell she is thrilled? She was in rare form that night, petty skirt and a gatorade mustache to go with it.
Family pose after the game. Jake is loving t-ball and I think Matt has had a good time being his coach. It's safe to say we will probably be doing t-ball next year too even though he has the option to do pitching machine.
I filled up the fire pit in our backyard with sand and the kids have enjoyed playing in it.
I found this picture in my junior high year book. Year:1993 The little girl sitting on the table is my team teacher year. I am the one in the middle with a bottles worth of hairspray on my bangs. Fun stuff!
And last Thursday we had a silent auction to benefit the Wildflower Montessori school in which Jake and Landry Grace attend. They only have this auction every other year and I must say that the auction was quite impressive. Many people came together to put on this event. Jake's class project was the bookcase you see below. All of his classmates put their artwork together and it turned out great. I left the auction early for a girl's night and Matt got in a bidding war with a friend of mine over this item. Let's just say we made a very generous donation to WMS this year! But it was for a good cause. In 2 years we hope to buy Landry Grace's class project.
This is also Mrs. Renee's(Jake's teacher) last year to teach. She is so wonderful and will be missed in the classroom by many. We have enrolled Jake in her art camp this summer and the theme his class will be working on is Eric Carle books( the Hungry Caterpillar and the Very Angry Ladybug are 2 of his books). He should have a lot of fun.


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

The book case is so cool! Landry Grace's t-ball outfit is too cute! =)

Karla and Edmond Long said...

Hey Suzanne...did you mention a year or so ago, a hotel in Florida with a great kid friendly pool area? Maybe I'm dreaming this or maybe some else mentioned it, but I thought I'd check with you first!

adrian seney said...

So glad you got your bookcase!!