Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We've had a few happenings this past week that I haven't posted about so here goes. If you follow this blog, then you may have already seen the swimming lesson video from below. I'm new to the video posting as it took me a while to learn which way was fastest to upload to the internet. My new camera(Canon Rebel Ti 2) can video record and it is great! I haven't recorded much on it until recently. It certainly beats having to switch back and forth from a camera and video recorder. The fastest way seems to be You Tube.

Back to the swimming lessons. I also got some footage of all the kids screaming yesterday. Day 1 is the hardest for all kids as a lot of them scream the whole time. It was pretty comical. Day 3 usually gets better and by day 10 they are fine. LG did much better today and told my mom "she did excellent!". A trip to Pizza Inn is in the works for her efforts.

Jake had his last t-ball game last week. I don't have any still shots from the game, but he was fired up about the pizza and trophy afterwards.
One last huddle. It was a fun year!
And if you only KNEW what I went through to get this picture.....finally, I told them they could "spank me" and I got this. Yeah, it was totally worth it!
SO last Friday I decided to take the kids to the Alexandria zoo with my mom in tow. Let me preface this by saying that the vehicle I drive is pretty old(over 10 years...) but it's been paid for and I'm happy with it. The gas gauge, however, has been acting up lately and when I thought I still had 3/4's of a tank left...I was wrong:(. Perhaps I should have remembered that it was on empty, but I live 3 miles from where I work and just don't have to fill up that often. So about an hour into our 2 hour trip, we ran out of gas on the side of the road. BUMMER. 2 hours later roadside assistance gets there and gases us up. By this time my mom needed to get back to Ruston. This went over like a lead balloon, but after promises of a pet fish, we were good to go. We'll make another trip after swim lessons are over.

Landry Grace thought this detour was real fun at first!
Mom even found some sidewalk chalk in my car and got game of hopscotch going. We were very careful with them on the road. At this point, containing them in the car was no longer an option.

And here they are eating treats from LG's new Easy Bake oven. She didn't want a fish and chose this instead.
Jake's new pets: Mr. Alligator and Mr. Monster. Mr. Monster has already passed:/....
And last Friday my brother Brian flew in from Denver to see his girlfriend, Mandy. We got a chance to hang out with them by the pool on Saturday and then had them over for crawfish.

Below is LG is all her tooth-less glory:). We go to see Dr. Ward next week about getting replacements. My kids LOVE Miss Mandy!! She has such a sweet heart.
The whole crew eating some crawfish.
Tomorrow we are getting geared up for Landry Grace's dance recital. She has her first practice in Monroe on the "big stage" and is pretty excited about it. I am finding that she talks more and more about the recital everyday. Her performance is Saturday. This should be fun!!


jessie said...

i'm so sorry about mr. monster's passing. :) your kiddos entertained me at the pool this weekend and for that i thank you!

Halls said...

I love the 'spank me' option!! i may have to steal that! Can't believe the zoo trip!! yikes! looking forward to seeing you soon

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Oh dear... so sorry to hear about the running out of gas. =( Y'all did great keeping them happy though! =) Totally wanting crawfish now!