Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The afternoons in our household can sometimes be filled with tears and screaming on who is sharing and who is not. I have one child who would live in front of the TV if we let him and one child who could care less about TV. So after refusing to turn on the tube this afternoon, and after the tears had been shed, I found them totally entertaining themselves.....and not arguing. It was a rare moment:) and I had to brag a little. I'm so proud of the little people they are becoming.

Landry Grace "reading" to Jake.
Playing in the play room. *These pictures were not staged, I promise!


Lora said...

SO SWEET! It's funny, but one of my main memories from childhood is fighting with my brothers. It's actually not a bad memory and we often laugh about it now.

Hannah Lee said...

It is those wonderful moments you go, "Ahh, thank you Lord for some peace!" And makes you feel good as a Mom too! I am glad yall got some good peaceful playing time in. Now send that my way! HA!