Thursday, March 17, 2011


Here are my 2 sweet babies before we left the house this A.M. We dropped our leprechaun off at school and took Landry Grace over to Shreveport for a consult with the pediatric dentist.
She was an absolute trooper....I think second born children are a little tougher all the way around; Or maybe it is my little Landry Grace! We ended up waiting for a little while to see the dentist. When we finally did see her we found out that she(the dentist) doesn't have the capability to do procedures in the hospital anymore. And it was just out of the question having her go to that office 3-4 times to put one cap on at a time, etc. LG really needed to be put under and cap all the teeth at once.....So luckily we were referred to ANOTHER dentist in which Matt knew the office manager and we got an appointment immediately. So off to the other dentist we went and she was wonderful. We aren't quite sure all of the extensive work that will need to be done on her teeth until she is sedated and the doctor can take a good look, but her procedure will be done May 6.

After all of this we celebrated at my favorite place, Jason's Deli! I'd brought along sprinkles to put on the ice cream as incentive for Landry Grace and it worked. She was such a trooper all morning. Needless to say she was thrilled to get her bowl of ice cream.
Poor brother. I told him we'd be back to get him right after lunch but we didn't make it back to Ruston in time. His teacher called me around noon saying that he was insisting I was coming:(. Note to self: in the future do not make promises you cannot keep! But he got a new pair of tennis shoes and when we picked him up he was fine!!

Below is a picture of Jake and Madeline. They are classmates at Montessori and we ran into them yesterday at the Twisted Cow. My children love love love this place. I finally wised up and allowed them only one topping. Problem solved! Much less hassle.....another note!
Hope you are having a great week! I had a last minute offer to attend the Life Choices fundraiser tonight in Ruston to hear Pam Tebow (Tim Tebow's mother) speak. If you haven't heard her testimony, Google her. It's well worth your time. I don't think it was an accident that I attended. God has really been speaking to my heart these days. I'm praying praying about some things. What an awesome God we serve.


Anonymous said...

Brianne had to have a root canal and cap on her front tooth when she was 2. Things have gotten much better since they basically had her in a straight jacket and she screamed! I am praying for Landy Grace. Mrs. Nancy

Hannah Lee said...

You have peaked my interest about Pam Tebow...especially at a Life Choice's fundraiser. I am about to google her now. So glad LG did well with her appts!