Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Cat in the Hat

Earlier this week I asked both Jake and Landry Grace's teachers if I could bring a Dr. Seuss snack and read The Cat in the Hat to their classes. Really I had only planned to come and read, but Mrs. Renee had other plans when she asked me if I had a hat and bow tie. So I decided to dress up....and read the book to them. Both kids were super excited about having me come to their class. And it was something fun for myself as I don't get to do these kinds of things with my own children.

I had 2 cupcake cakes made at Wal-Mart in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. Very cute and inexpensive idea. Each class loved getting cupcakes.
Yours truly reading with expression, or trying to!
And I loved this sweet picture of Jake's classmates. They were SO surprised to see "The Cat in the Hat" walk into their room.
Posing with Jake in his class.

When I went into Landry Grace's class, she would not even look at me. She is not into anyone or anything dressed up or in character form. She is very easily scared. It was pretty funny but she warmed up to me and eventually took a picture once Jake convinced her it was me.
Being a teacher, I always see cute ideas and try to make mental notes. I saw the cupcake cake last year at Glen View and vowed that I would do it this year. So glad that I did and added my costume in the mix. Hope you are taking notes as well:)! Your preschooler would love this!!


Hannah Lee said...

AHH! So cute. I am going to have to do that next year. I know your babies loved having their Momma read to them. Us working moms have to squeeze that special time in their somewhere! And what a cute way to do that!!!

jessie said...

this is awesome! makes me even more excited for o's bday - it's a cat in the hat theme!!

Melody said...

I am so proud of you!!! I know they LOVED having you there. So cute! Great idea.

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Suzanne! You are the coolest mom ever. We love Dr. Suess here!! What a GREAT idea!

Michelle said...

I am so sad we missed out on you dressing up like this at PHS! Adorable.

Donna said...

Such a CUTE idea...will definitely have to remember that for future reference!! Thanks for sharing :)