Sunday, March 27, 2011


Brrr! What happened to our Springtime temps?! We've had an eventful weekend but are skipping our camping plans tonight due to the chilly (for us) weather. Not thinking we will last very long in the tent in 40 degree weather. But I am happy to report that the kids slept until 7 o'clock Friday morning in the tent at my parent's house.

Yesterday morning we had another soccer game, this one at 9am. This might not sound early for those of us who are parents, but getting 3 people ready by myself and out to the soccer fields by 8:45 can prove to be challenging. Only 2 things were forgot: Jake's soccer ball and breakfast. Please note that I did not skip breakfast but did forget to feed my kids(man I wish I could forget to eat). Another vote for Mom of the Year, please. So they ate chocolate chip cookies at the game and McDonald's afterwards.....but they are still alive and kicking!

Please note in the above picture that I do attempt to brush Jake's hair everyday. And no, you cannot tell.
My mom gets so tickled watching Jake play soccer. He is the youngest kid out there and absolutely has NO clue what is going on. It really is quite hilarious. You can kinda tell by looking at him. But DO NOT score a goal while he is goalie. He will get very upset at that!
And this is what he would rather be doing at the game: Rock collecting. Nice! Matt was a very competitive child, I was not. I couldn't have cared LESS. In junior high the bug got me. Hoping he will be a good mix(competitive-wise) between the 2 of us.

After soccer I met up with Sharon for some flower buying 101. Not too many friends will give up their Saturday afternoon to work in your flower bed. Guess I got lucky as Sharon helped me move, plant, and deweed. So wish I would have taken before and after pictures. Working in my yard has become a new hobby for me. I love it!
Sweet Emma spent last night with us and went with us to church as well this morning. She is such a good helper and the kids love her!
Yay for some SPRING BREAK!