Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Firsts....

Landry Grace went to her first dentist appointment today. We really thought it would be routine and not much else, so I was surprised when Dr. Ward(who is a wonderful man and I highly recommend him) started spatting off all kinds of codes to his hygienist. I knew something wasn't right and sure enough she has enamel displacia. This means the enamel on her back teeth and canines is not there. When Dr. Ward showed us her back teeth, I was pretty horrified because her back teeth basically look rotted. I feel even worse that I didn't notice it first. I think as parents' we have all felt that way. We did notice her canine teeth last year and had them looked at but were told just to wait until she was 3.

Here she is ready to open up for Mrs. Jackie.
Dr. Ward was talking to her about running with Big Mama this morning. I stopped taking pictures once I found out the situation of her teeth.
You cannot tell a whole lot as the camera wouldn't focus well on her back teeth and I felt bad that I was asking my 3 year old to take a picture of her mouth. You can see the discoloration in the back part of her mouth. Dr. Ward was surprised that she hadn't complained of any pain.
And again.
She will need some caps and the situation is hereditary so I'm not beating myself up over not brushing her teeth well enough. We are scheduled for a consult with the periodontist in a week. There will be some sedation involved so that always has me a little worried but all in all she should be fine. It could always be worse. She is healthy and happy other than her poor teeth. We can handle this!


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Bless her little heart. Seriously, Suzanne, don't beat yourself up - it is nearly impossible to get in there and look at their tiny teeth - especially in the back! You did great getting her to the dentist & finding it out in time. They will get her all fixed up. =)

Hannah Lee said...

I am pretty sure no mother knows about enamel dysplacia! Don't stress over it...yall will get it fixed and no biggie! Nothing will slow her down!

Melody said...

Bless her little heart! I am just proud of you for taking her. Lol. Avery would bite the Dentist's hand off if we took her! Keep us posted.