Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Camping Adventures

Well, we are back from our camping adventure at Lincoln Parish Park. To say the kids had fun is an understatement! It did get a little cold last night but the temps were in the 50's. My friend Sharon brought her RV out there so it was nice to have a fridge, bathrooms, place to cook food, etc. Not to mention the company! Here are the pics and most of them speak for themselves on the amount of fun they had.

Headed down to the pond to fish with crickets. Just before this picture, Jake accidentally spilt the crickets and we managed to catch most of them. That was pretty much the only meltdown of the night.
Headed down to the pond.
The whole gang: Thomas, Hank, Emma, Camille, Landry Grace, Hilton, and Jake.
Feeding the ducks that came by our campsite for a snack.
Can we say CUTE? I love this sweet picture!
Striking a pose down by the pond. They ended up catching up a lot of fish over the course of 24 hours. Jake was loving this.
The ducks were everywhere!
Sharon was showing my mom how to make her infamous homemade salsa.
Hilton with his fish and Landry Grace not wanting to cooperate.
Landry Grace and Camille loving with Mr. LeeJay(Sharon's husband)
Our meal that night consisted of pork tenderloin, hash brown casserole, salad, and bread.
Landry Grace had a ball with Larkin and Hank.
Roasting marshmallows for the smores.
I really thought Landry Grace was going to turn into a cheese ball....no nap yesterday and this was at 8:45 last night. She was beyond exhausted and still asking for these silly cheese balls. Needless to day once her head hit the pillow she did not roll over until 7:30 this morning. We invested in some sleeping bags for the kiddos and I think that helped them not to get too cold.
And of course the next morning we ended the trip with blueberry pancakes.

We hung out at the park until noon and after baths and lunch, all of us took some much needed naps. I finally had to wake LG up at 4:45. Hoping she goes to sleep tonight as we have a big day tomorrow. It's supposed to warm up Thursday and Friday and we are hoping so!


Hannah Lee said...

Looks like yall had a blast! I would love to do that with the kiddos but I don't think Austin is quite ready! Glad yall are having a good spring break.