Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Fun

As I type this post about our weekend in Natchez, please keep in mind that I know there are more important things to blog about. This is really insignificant, but I wanted to let those who have heard horror stories about the Kelly's Kids warehouse sale that it wasn't bad at ALL!

We started out by deciding late on Friday to head to Natchez and get a room. It was a good idea and we got a good rate through Expedia. We stopped in West Monroe at Chick-fil-a and the cow danced for us a little longer than we deemed necessary(we kinda thought we might win a free sandwich-didn't happen). It was quite funny, thought I'd post a picture.

At the hotel I was looking at Facebook(bummer, I know, got bored Wednesday and activated my account) and saw that people were camping out according to the Kelly's Kids page. So Katie and I decided to drive the 3 minutes to the warehouse and check the situation out. And yep, these crazy people were there at 10pm planning to camp out in the 24 degree weather. One family had an RV and drove in from Tennessee. I'd be lying if the thought of abandoning the hotel room didn't cross my mind.
But instead we went back to the room, woke up at 5:50, and were in line by 6:30am. The weather was a deterrent on the amount of people in line. There were A LOT of people who put out chairs and went back to their cars to stay warm. We had about 75-100 people in front of us. Considering the warehouse is really large, I figured we had done the right thing going back to our room and not camping out. I didn't consider that to be a lot of people.
This was the line behind us as we entered the warehouse. I heard in May it was wrapped all the back around to the front. Katie grabbed 2 of all the girls size 3/4's and I grabbed 2 of all the size 2's. There was still a lot on the racks when we got inside. Then we went to the boys and searched through that. So glad we had our laundry baskets!
We found A LOT of stuff, but put a lot back. At this point, I know what the kids will wear and what they won't. There were a lot of yoke and some smock dresses and I put them back because she has a lot of dresses and just doesn't wear then that often. I hated to just buy to buy. I was excited to recycle her turquoise and red bow from 2 years matches perfectly! SO I didn't buy that much. There were people with so much, I have no idea(other than selling it) what on earth they were doing with that amount of clothing. I had no interest in buying 2 to 3 years ahead size wise.
So there you have it. Our trip summary. YES...we will go back. Camping out next time for sure. Fun times.


jessie said...

i wanted that pink coat but couldn't find the right size! call or text me (235-8010) and let me know a good time to swing by to pick up those leggings. thanks again!

Karla and Edmond Long said...

Wow...that sounds like so much fun!! I am extremely jealous of all of those cute clothes!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

That seems like a fun trip and good girl bonding time!

Halls said...

what a great weekend! it's already a week later and i still have my clothes in the same KK's bags!!! I should have gotten that pink jacket...oh well!