Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun Finds

We spent the last 2 days catching up on things we can't necessarily do with our 2 children: sleeping, going to the movies, auctions, and estate sales! Don't be mistaken, I was THRILLED when the kids were back home, but it was nice to be able to take advantage of our alone time. A BIG thank you to my mother in law for asking them to come over and play!

Friday night we headed to out an auction north of town with(my co-worker) Sharon and Lee Jay. Matt found a gum ball machine among a few other things. This will serve as an incentive for Jake and Landry Grace's behavior chart that has worked WONDERS for not only their behavior but manners as well.

Below is a fireplace screen that I have been looking for for 18 months. Found it this morning at David Hedgepeth's estate sale for $20! It's a smaller stand so it might not have worked with the more modern, larger fireplaces. It's a perfect fit for our fireplace.

Then I found this great basket to put all of our blankets in. They are always laying around with no place "to go" and I thought this was another fun find.
Here is the gum ball machine; We are now going to let them earn nickels from their sticker chart. We aren't quite ready for gum balls but I plan to find some prizes from Oriental Trading to place in there. They were THRILLED to see this when they got home today. The key did not come with it but a butter knife can be used to open it. Perhaps we'll have one made to fit.
And I finally confess...our dining room is now a bonafide play room. I tried to keep it from becoming one, but the older they get, the bigger the toys. At least we have somewhere to put them besides the living room.
And now we are back to being a family of four. Sleep beckons!!